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Looking for product collateral to help you sell? We support those who sell V7.

We have an extensive library of product collateral, for you to provide information to your customer.  Check out the V7world Resource Center:

You’ll find information on the V7 Brand, our Product Catalog, Category Feature Brochures and Product Line Cards.

All documents are provided in PDF format for easy distribution.v7 resource center


 Other helpful resources can be found at the bottom of the page including:

The Bid Desk, Product finders, link to our Product images library and V7 Logos.

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The V7 Solution

06/08/2019 13:37

Surround your core product with a solution from V7.


Create the solution with V7.

The V7 brand exists to help our partners create solutions. Our broad line of accessory products can turn a single product into a solution increasing our partners’ margins.


The profit is in the details.

Competition on a core product like notebook, desktop, or server have compressed margins. With V7 accessories, partners make the margins they deserve, with products their customers need. Our accessories allow partners to offer best in class products, at aggressive prices. V7 products are available only from Ingram Micro.


Here's a quick example for the Education market.Create solutions with V7

End user wants 10,000 new Chromebooks deployed throughout the school district.


The Solution 

• 10,000 Chromebooks 

• 278 charge carts (36 Chromebooks per charge cart) to store and charge the devices 

• 10,000 notebook cases for the one-to-one programs (children taking the notebooks home)

• 10,000 audio headsets for testing in the digital classroom


Here’s an example for Corporate/Enterprise market.

End user wants 500 notebook computers for their expanding workforce.


The Solution 

• 500 notebook computers

• 500 docking stations

• 1000 monitors

• 500 monitor mounts

• 500 keyboards and mice

• 500 USB headsets


For more information on how you can maximize your margins with V7 accessory products, contact us today at

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The Value of V7

31/07/2019 08:44

The V7 Value  

A Better Value
V7 is a high-value, alternative brand of products and accessories. We have equal or better quality and function compared to well-known brands. We offer higher margins for Ingram Micro resellers and lower price points for consumers.

The Value of V7
We design and test products to be equal to name brand products. We ensure no sacrifice to function and quality while providing products at a lower cost. 

Wide assortment of products and categories
We have an extensive product portfolio to support your customer’s core solution. We maintain 22 product categories and over 1500 skus.We have the right product at the right price to support your customer’s needs.

Consistent availability, in stock when you need it
When your customer is ready to pull the trigger, you’ll be ready to get what you need when you need it. We ensure that V7 products are in stock around the world and ready when you need them.The V7 Value

Backed by Ingram Micro customer support
Your reputation with your customer is a paramount concern with us. At V7, we provide excellent no hassle support for our products.

We help resellers win business opportunities
We provide high quality products at the most affordable price points. This allows you to submit competitive bids while still making a decent profit. V7 products help you win business opportunities while still making a profit.

Only sold at Ingram Micro
V7 products are only sold by Ingram Micro reducing over distribution, this also helps reduce value erosion.This in turn ensures the value of V7 products are consistent across the channel.


Need more info on the value of V7? Contact us today at


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A well-renowned School in Orange County, CA recently deployed 54 of the new V7 Charge Carts to secure, store, and charge over 1500 new Chromebooks in their school.

They chose V7 Charge Carts because of the feature set including sliding shelves, numbered 1:1 numbered power supply management and ease of deployment in that the carts are fully assembled and the cable routing and built-in convenience features. The V7 Team worked with the Ingram Micro representative, the reseller and end user to help answer questions and helped submit quotes to the RFQ at attractive pricing. V7 explained the value by going through the main selling features bullets with high end features at great prices.

“V7 Charge Carts have the best power supply management available, and prices that can’t be beat.”


• Carts allow secure storage and mobility for up to 36 Chromebooks, Notebooks, or Tablets

• Accessible maintenance with numbered 1:1 power supply and cable management makes it easy to swap power supplies

• Easy for teachers and staff to move around with nice big 5” casters

These Charge Carts are available in the US and Europe, and are a great addition to the already robust education market V7 offering for schools including laptop sleeves/backpacks/bags, audio headsets, input devices, cable adapters and more.

For more information - contact us at or give us a call at 716-633-3600.

cartcart open back

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 HD, 2K, 4K – What does it all mean?

Monitors are in more sizes today than ever before. But with all the resolutions to choose from – which one is right for you?  Lets’ start with the basics – screens are made up of pixels.  A Pixel is basically a point on a monitor that is composed of 3 dots Red, Blue, and Green.

And the term Resolution refers to how many pixels are on the screen both horizontal and vertical.

The standard from a few years ago was 720P, nowadays we’ve gone way past that.

  • 720 x 1280 — HD is 720p
  • 1920 x 1080 — FHD is 1080p
  • 2560 x 1440 — QHD (Quad HD) is 2K 1440p
  • 3840 x 2160 — UHD (Ultra HD) is 4K 2160p

resolution overview animation

Also, as monitor physical sizes have increased the need for more resolution has also increased.

This is because of the number of pixels needed to create sharp imagery. The term PPI or Pixels Per Inch basically measures pixel density. The higher the PPI the more pixels make up any image and create a sharper visual.

PPI animation

The benefit of a larger screen and higher resolution is that images onscreen are sharper and you can fit more windows and programs on-screen for increased productivity. For anyone using graphics or video programs this is a no-brainer, but even spreadsheets and web browsing is enhanced with greater resolution displays.

For all your monitor needs – look no further than V7 Ingram Micro.

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What is the difference between DDR3 and DDR4 RAM? 

First, what is RAM ?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is your computer’s short term memory or cache. When the computer needs information and does not find it in the RAM, it then tries the hard drive to retrieve the data, which is a much slower process. Many older PCs that feel sluggish can increase performance by adding more RAM or switching to higher capacity RAM. Yet, capacity is only one specification based on the computer. RAM is also available in variety of versions and speeds. A 2GB stick of DDR2 800 RAM is not the same thing as a 2GB stick of DDR3 1333 RAM. Its important to understand the difference because computers only accept certain types of RAM based on Motherboard.

What does DDR stand for?

The term “DDR” stands for Double Data Rate. This term came into use when the first Double Data Rate Ram modules arrived. DDR RAM is capable of two data transfers per clock cycle, which gives the theoretical peak bandwidth of previous SDRAM while running at the same clock speed.

DDR4 Ram

DDR3 Ram

How can you tell the difference between speeds, DDR3, and DDR4?

The DRAM modules have different shapes, and the pin-out will only fit on the mother board based on the recommend memory that the manufacturer. As DDR4 will only work in DDR4 compatible motherboards and DDR3 will only fit in DDR3 compatible motherboards. The speed is backward compatible but will need the motherboard to be compatible. In other words, if you buy a 2666 MHz memory module, and the motherboard can only support 2133 MHz, the memory will go down to 2133 MHz.

A comparison for the RAM memory chipsets can be found in today’s computer which includes SDR, DDR, DDR2 and future DDR3 modules:

In the future when memory speeds increase to DDR5, there will be an increase in "clock speed" which means a faster data transfer rate and improved system performance.

DRAM Speed Comparison

For all your DRAM memory needs – V7 Ingram Micro has you covered.

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