Ergonomic Leaning Chair - Review

As office and workplace ergonomics become more important to overall workplace wellness - V7 has developed products to maximize the user experience. Here is a review for the new ECHAIR. "The Ergo leaning chair has been an absolute joy for me to utilize as I feel my performance throughout the day improves based on my continued focus on circulating blood throughout my body. As a triathlete, I am constantly looking for ways to gain improved stamina and the chair is exactly what I need.

The desk height and chair extension allows me to stand completely erect while performing daily tasks. At 6’0 200, the soft pad also comes in handy when standing for greater than 4 hrs a day. Having the Ergo chair allows me to stay consistent/focused on my weekly goal standing and burning calories at my desk.

I have improved my overall calorie burn from 400+ per week prior to the chair to 600+ weekly with the chair. I enjoy the soft footpad as my feet tend to get tired when standing each day without the chair but having the ability to lean back on the chair reduces the fatigue in the feet."



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