How Ergonomics Can Help Maximize Productivity Through Comfort

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How Ergonomics Can Help Maximize Productivity Through Comfort

Choosing the right keyboard and mouse can help improve posture and minimize the risks associated with repetitive motion and daily tasks of being in front of a computer. 

There are a variety of products from gel wrist pads to compression wrist gloves that help deal with the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) but these are usually used as a last resort remedy since they don’t address the issue of the keyboard or mouse as the main cause.

An ergonomic, split keyboard design increases comfort by encouraging a natural arc for hand, wrist, and forearm positions.
Also, choosing a keyboard with a palm rest helps maximize productivity by preventing the wrists from dropping while typing which reduces wrist extension and fatigue.

 Ergo Comparison Graphic


Mice also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate multiple users and a vertical ergonomic mouse can encourage a vertical wrist posture to help reduce pressure to the wrist.

 Mouse Ergonomics Graphic

For a closer look at the MW500 Vertical Mouse - you've got to see it from all angles. 

MW500 Animation


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