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So, you want to be a rock star.

Get ready to lay down your tracks with a digital desktop recording studio.


One of the best recording studio packages for the money can be found at Guitar Center. 

The Complete Desktop Recording Studio comes with all the equipment and software needed to get you on the road to stardom.  This recording studio features a Mac Mini Computer, V7 21.5” Widescreen LED Display, Audio Interface, Studio Microphone, Studio Headphones, V7 Keyboard & Mouse and complete software recording suite. 

V7 Recording Studio 

The V7 21.5” Widescreen LED Display, Keyboard and Mouse have been an integral part of the Guitar Center Recording Package for more than two years.

Like all V7 products, you’ll have the functionality and durability needed to ensure a successful recording session, all at a price that won’t break the bank. Free up your musical imagination and get your ticket to ride with this complete digital recording studio featuring products from V7.

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