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There are 3 common types of cables used with smart phones to charge the battery and transfer data.

They are: Micro USB, Lightning and USB-C.


The connectors for each cable vary in size, pin count and shape. Micro USB has 3 variants. The most common for phones is Micro B that has 5 pins and is 6 sided.


Lightning™ cables have an 8 pin connector are reversable and are used for Apple™ devices.


USB-C has a 24-pin connector, is also reversable and is oval in shape.


The power transfer rate is different for each as well. USB-C cables can deliver up to 3 amps up to 100w of power but varies from device to device which can be seen in the table below.


Lightning cable is 5 Volts at 1.8 Amps up to 9 Watts Micro USB cables is 5 to 20 Volts up to 60w.

Each cable also has different data transfer rates. USB-C ports on the new MacBook Pro have a maximum data transfer rate of 40gbps. Micro USB cable can transfer data at a rate of 480mbps, much slower than Lighting and USB-C Lighting cables can transfer up to 625Mbs but usually are around 35MBs.

Unfortunately, as far as speed goes, Micro-USB is quite limited in what it can do, and it can only support a limited amount of power for charging. At this point, Type-C outweighs both the lightning cable and the micro USB cable when it comes to the power transfer efficiency. For a wide range on USB-C Cables – contact us today at