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Today’s schools have a lot more than just books and chalk boards. They are modern learning centers powered by information technology products.

Students in the digital classroom now are connected to their learning curriculum through Chromebooks, watch presentations on smartboards, check their grades on LCD monitors, and carry their homework in laptop bags.

V7 supports our schools with products that are feature rich and durable, while still being cost effective.

The new V7 charge carts and charging station can recharge multiple Chromebooks at the same time while keeping them safe and secure.

V7 Charge Carts  

The mobile TV cart supports screens up to 70” and allow teachers to easily move their presentation screens from room to room.

A large offering of laptop bags and backpacks ensure there’s the perfect solution for any size laptop and style preference.

Our headsets and headphones come in a variety of sizes and styles. They provide excellent sound quality and are built for all-day comfort.

We believe that making products that supports the education market can be done efficiently and cost effectively. Education happens with V7 products. 

For more information on contact us at v7bids@ingrammicro.com