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The V7 Value  

A Better Value
V7 is a high-value, alternative brand of products and accessories. We have equal or better quality and function compared to well-known brands. We offer higher margins for Ingram Micro resellers and lower price points for consumers.

The Value of V7
We design and test products to be equal to name brand products. We ensure no sacrifice to function and quality while providing products at a lower cost. 

Wide assortment of products and categories 
We have an extensive product portfolio to support your customer’s core solution. We maintain 22 product categories and over 1500 skus.We have the right product at the right price to support your customer’s needs.

Consistent availability, in stock when you need it
When your customer is ready to pull the trigger, you’ll be ready to get what you need when you need it. We ensure that V7 products are in stock around the world and ready when you need them.The V7 Value

Backed by Ingram Micro customer support
Your reputation with your customer is a paramount concern with us. At V7, we provide excellent no hassle support for our products.

We help resellers win business opportunities
We provide high quality products at the most affordable price points. This allows you to submit competitive bids while still making a decent profit. V7 products help you win business opportunities while still making a profit.

Only sold at Ingram Micro
V7 products are only sold by Ingram Micro reducing over distribution, this also helps reduce value erosion.This in turn ensures the value of V7 products are consistent across the channel.


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