V7 Cleanium Smart- Free-Standing 140cm Cylinder with 40cm Marketing Panel and integrated gel dispenser

V7 Cleanium is a Professional Solution for hand sanitizing, for indoor and outdoor, public and private places. The Cleanium line of products feature a sealed glass capsule interior, which combined with the simple refilling process, enables products to remain sanitized throughout their lifetime.


  • AUTOMATED AND CONTACTLESS DISPENSING:All Cleanium appliances are equipped with an automated system that allows hand hygiene without any direct contact with the appliance
  • DEDICATED HIGH-PERFORMANCE MICRO CONTROLLER: High-performance chip enables optimization of the quantity of liquid dispensed based, on the type of liquid, an exclusive feature of V7 Cleanium
  • NATIVE CONNECTION KIT (to be activated) to check remotely: Overall status of the machine, quantity dispensed, remaining sanitzer level and more
Tech Specs
  • Design
    : Cylinder: aluminum; Base: Iron; Marketing Panel; 2 aluminum Foils with foamex panel in the middle
  • General Info
    : 2 years
    : 25
    : Cylinder 17,5x17,5x140 ; Base 35x35x2,5; Marketing Panel: 0,5x30x40
    : aluminum Cylinder, Iron Base 35x35, Marketing Panel 40cm
    : Cylinder: 24x24x150; Base: 40x40x3; Marketing Panel; 2,5x32x42
    : IMCLBL01-1N
    : 0662919111255
    : Italy
    : CE, UL
  • Specifications

    Automated and controlled dispensing (ToF)
    Meter with OLED display
    More than 7000 dispensing operations
    Weight: 25 Kg
    Dimensions: Cylinder 17,5x17,5x140; Base 2,5 x 35 x 35; Marketing Panel: 0,5x30x40
    Voltage: 110V/220V
    Tank capacity: 3.1L
    Liquid calibration range: 0.1ml-5m